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Corporate Care:-

Employers are required to provide regular eye examinations for staff who work with computers for a significant part of their job (VDU eye tests). An examination must also be provided, if requested, when VDU use becomes a significant part of an employee's work. If a correction is required specifically for VDU use we have a range of frames and lenses which must be paid for entirely by the employer.  In some cases employers will contribute towards spectacles even when they are not required solely for the VDU.  Again, it is sometimes possible for an employee to upgrade the frames and lenses chosen and pay the excess charge over and above the employer's statutory contribution.

Some employers simply ask for receipts and re-imburse their employees for the costs involved and others issue specific forms. We only accept Eyecare vouchers. We do not accept ASE Eyecareplan or Duncan and Todd vouchers. If you have any other type of voucher please contact us.  If you are attending for an examination with one of these vouchers please read it before you come - in some cases we are obliged to ask for photographic proof of identity.

If you are an employer and would like to open an account with us for your staff please contact us